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Rodney Bonlin is the qualified inspector to certify and maintain these stands under the new regulations with our sister company Boncon Industrial. Boncon Services are contracted to up keep the maintenance on these stands with correct welding procedures. Patrick ESD came with us with a problem with storage of their Twistlock poles, used to unlash containers. We provided them a quick ideal solution of 18 pigeon holes within a container that Boncon Services supplied as “the whole package”. Forklift holders for Forklift ServicesBoncon Industrial - Extendable lifting spreader arm We were required to fabricate 7 container stands as per the request of Patrick ESD. All 7 were named after the Disney  dwarfs. Happy, Dopey, Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and Grumpy. These tiles allow the customer to identify which stand they are using, moving and to maintenance in the future.  These 4x Heavy duty ramps were fabricated in February 2016. These ramps are used to move heavy equipment in and out of containers, most ramps will break up within 2 to 3 years and will require replacing. Our ramps are designed to never break.Patrick Geelong required larger tyne pockets (located on the bottom of the platform) for bigger forklifts to stabile the platform for the safety aspects of the weight distribution. Boncon Services remove all rust, debri and painted. We always complete a full safety check so that it complies with Australian standard for all safety cages.Instant Bar Cafe from Shipping Container - modifications. Boncon Services can modify containers into portable café’s and canteens.  As shown in the picture we fabricated a hydraulic door that can open and close for easy entry. The hydraulic system can work off 240 volt power system. The customer required air vents for complete ventilation and fitted awnings.  These types of modifications can sometimes be completed on site. Heavy Duty Ramp 25mm with non-slip surfaceCustomer  required Boncon Services to increase work load limit from 25 tonne to WLL 40 tonne. All safety checks and modifications to engineer drawings and computations. This was Certified by Boncon Industrial.  We can also complete any modifications or upgrades to 40ft trailers to and above 60 tonne. Container weighing 30 tonne each. Overall 90 tonne jammed inside the cell guide. Boncon Services are on call 24/7 to release this issue. Boncon Services fabricated a goose neck to go onto a maffie trailer as requested by Patrick Geelong. These trailers are built to withhold 60 tonne. All equipment that is made by Boncon Services is certified for heavy lifting with drawings and computations. This certification complies above all Australian standards. At Boncon Services we can modify all your equipment or lifting gear to our engineer specifications and drawings. As seen above, lifting lugs were required to be added as per new standards to lift 39T of ocean cable. Boncon Services accepted the boom repair, 9meters of plate was replaced on the bottom of a Hyster Forklift boom. This repair was completed within a 2 week timeframe.  Truck drop deck stands for Lift Australia. This client required Boncon Services to  fabricate five drop deck stands for a drop deck trailer in 2014. These stands are used to mount  40ft containers onto. Working load limit is 15 tonne on one end of each stand. These lifting spreaders were  modified for Patrick Stevedoring. The customer required these modifications so they could  stack 10 to 11 pipes at one time. They were  ESSO oil pipes with special coating that could not be damaged. This lifting spreader can lift up to 45 tonne with an extendable arm.
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